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Product Information

All beef sold under the Naturez™, Natures Beef™and Naturez Beef™ brands are Free Range, naturally produced, hormone and pesticide free and of MSA standard. Cattle are slaughtered in Casino, NSW and aged for 8 to 16 weeks combining to create a tender, juicy and flavoursome experience.

Grown on our own paddocks and from accredited Nature’s Beef suppliers, vealers are selected from those cows with genetic traits known for superior production of the finest veal meat.

All Nature’s Beef vealer’s are milk fattened, free of hormones, antibiotics and grain additives and concentrated trace minerals common to feedlot calves. Our vealer’s are lean and clean, light tasting and exhibiting refined flavours, texture and tenderness.

All meats exported under Nature’s Beef label are boxed, labelled and packed to order. Generally orders are despatched within 10 days of slaughter to ensure that our chilled meats have optimum tenderness and flavour when arriving at their point of destination. Our frozen meat products are of good eating quality for up to 6 months from the date of slaughter.

Nutrition Facts

Iron: wonderfuel for energy release
If you are low in iron you feel slow in mind, and body. Iron is critical for carrying the oxygen in blood that cells need to make energy. And your brain needs lots of fuel.

Zinc: Brain Food
After iron, zinc is the second most concentrated mineral in your brain. Its involved in virtually every task that your brain cells perform, especially growth and repair.

Omega-3s: mega brainy
These well known brain nutrients are the building blocks of your brain, giving shape and structure to its cell walls.

Amino acids: food for thought
Amino acids are needed to make the clever chemical messengers that allow your brain cells to talk to each other.

B12: the B in Brain
We can think fast because nerve fibres transmit their electrical signals ultra-quickly, as fast as 150 meters per second. Vitamin B12 is a key ingredient in the fibres that help give them this superconductive power.

Red meat: amazing food
Red meat naturally contains all these brain nutrients. In fact, it’s the largest contributor of readily available iron and zinc in the Australian diet, and the second largest contributor of omega3s. Red meat is an integral part of a healthy, balance diet, can help prevent iron and zinc deficiency.

If you don’t get enough of these everyday nutrients, your brain can feel the strain. This can dull your everyday performance, by affecting functions like your memory, attention and learning. Red meat- it’s the smart way to feed your brain, and it tastes delicious too.

In creating our product we are ever mindful of the impact its
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