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Farmer and Family
Owned and Operated

Nature’s Beef supplies many of Australia’s best restaurants, clubs, hotels and caterers with premium portion controlled meats.

Since 1888 we have grown and grazed cattle in the Tweed and Richmond Valleys.

Initially for tallow and household uses and since the 1940’s we have focused on selected beef and milk

We provide palatable meats of consistent quality and safety standards grown on our own farms.

Each animal derives from a herd, selected for its milking ability, meat colour, marbling, fat depth, maturity and ultimate pH.

The proprietors of Nature’s Beef have spent years genetically selecting what we consider are the best beef bulls available.

We breed with cows exhibiting superior milking and mothering ability and growing and fattening our progeny on improved pastures.

Like many consumers we are often frustrated to find that beef when sold in the butcher shop or supermarket has variable quality and consistency.

As food producers we know we have done our part to create a premium product, however along the supply chain our pristine meat product can get tainted and its quality compromised
before being served to you.

To ensure ultimate customer satisfaction for what we know are premium quality meats, we have created our own beef brands, (Naturez Beef ™, Natures Beef™ and 1888 Meatz™) and adopted the Ausmeat MSA Standard.

To experience our tender, juicy and flavoursome cuts of meat, from a secure and trusted source, contact one of our accredited wholesalers.

Export enquiries should be directed to


7 Boyd St., TWEED HEADS, NSW 2455 (Retail)

233 Flood Reserve Rd., RUTHVEN, NSW 2480 (Farm)

ABN Number: 67 151 073 960

P: + 61 02 560 19 299

M: +610455500600

Email: admin@naturesbeef.com.au